From Where does my help come (Psalm 121)

From Where does my help come (Psalm 121)

Psalm 121 – Journey

Good day!

Our Psalmist is packed up and ready to go on a journey.   His is a spiritual journey and his destination is the holy mountain where the Temple of God stood.  But this will not be an easy journey and the first two verses tell us that our Psalmist is well aware of the danger.

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains.  From where does my help come from?”

These are the words of every spiritual traveler who has taken his/her commitment seriously, because every spiritual traveler will eventually come to understand his/her need for help.  Each one of us will discover that the journey is more than we can handle alone.  When that happens we will find ourselves relating with the Psalmist: “From where does my help come from?”

Good news, there is an answer to the question.  The Psalmist has past experience to draw upon.  He recalls: “My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.  He will not let your foot stumble, he who watches over you will not doze off.”

More good news, God will not fall asleep!  Yeah!  That seems like a weird addition for the Psalmist but some of the false gods, like Baal, were known to fall asleep and it could be quite troublesome to wake them.  But that is not the case with our God. He is the “always-awake” God that never wavers and never grows tired in his role as our protector and keeper.

God is also the God that will not let our foot stumble. This does mean that we are exempt from troubles; rather it means “no injury, no illness, no accident, or distress will be able to separate us from God’s purpose in us.”

Therefore, as you set out on your spiritual journey this week don’t forget where your help comes from, because there is only one God who is the maker of heaven and earth and his protection is promised.


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