God’s Mission (John 3:16-21)

Gods’ mission, in Jesus, motivated by love is to move the world from a position of perishing to a position of eternal life with the immediate context being the present.

God is our Refuge (Psalm 31)

God is our refuge.  This is the testimony of our Psalmist; but these words are not shared with us simply to read; rather they are shared with us so that we too might learn to pray.  So that we too might come to the place where our lives put on display the same reality of our Psalmist: God is our refuge.

A Simple Reminder (Psalm 1)

We all need the reminder that scripture still hits the mark.  That when we will meditate on it (chew on it like a dog to a bone (Thank you Eugene Peterson for the imagery.) God will use scripture to lead us on path of righteousness, bringing us to maturity in  Christ.